Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Star B's Anyone?

StarBuck's used to be a must! Each day I'd rise and head over to the StarB's near my home. Sometimes twice I'd venture out late at night just before they closed and every time I'd order my favorite drink; a Triple Venti Seven Pump Stirred w/Whip White Mocha. They knew me and I knew them. There was Bree the cute petite 20 year old with the most darling one year old daughter and Sharon, who was probably around my age but looked to be in her 20's. There were others I knew when I'd see them driving down the street (I live in a small town) but non-the-less, StarB's was a must for me; that is until I decided one day that I was going make that the vice I delete from my list of vices.
At first, I thought it would be short lived even though I'd gone to the grocery store and stocked up on Folgers and Green Tea.
But I did it! It's been or should I say it had been about 2 weeks since last I'd gone there for coffee. Well it really wasn't a must but I had left out running late and just had to have something! So to StarB's I went. IT WAS HORRIBLE!!! Needless to say, I drank it anyway. There was no way I was going to just throw away $5.19. So, eventually I drank it. Then, on yesterday I ran out of cream here at home. Now just to explain everything so you get a better idea of the type of person I am, I am a drive thru queen! If I don't have to remove myself from the car, I won't. I guess that's why I've always been fond of "dairies". I became familiar with them in the Los Angeles area.
Run out of milk but don't want to get dressed to go to the grocery store?
Go to the dairy!
Need bread but don't feel like combing your hair?
Go to the dairy!
You drive into a building, tell them what you need, they get it, ring it up and bring it to your car. I love them!
So instead of getting dressed and going to the store and paying $3 or $4 for coffee and cream, I send my daughter to StarB's for a $5.19 cup of coffee. I wrote down exactly what I wanted and even told her to taste it before she pulled away from the window. She said she did but still even with all the prep and planning; writing it down and tasting. I didn't like it. My grandmother always told me to not drink "that expensive stuff" because she would say, "I think they put something in it to make you want to keep buying it!" Perhaps she was right and I have shaken the habit. I went cold turkey and now, not only do I not "need" it but I no longer even like the stuff. Go figure. StarB’s for now is off my list of vices. Unless they come up with something new on the menu that I just can’t resist. But how would I know what their new items are. LOL! For now, I’ll keep my $5.19 in my pocket and wave to StarB’s as I pass them by.

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Anonymous said...

Start putting that 5. 19 you spend each day in to a jar and see how much money you spent on Star$$$ last year. Just think what you could do with that money.
if you went to star$$$ 300 times last year and spent$ 5.19 each time. You spent $1,557.00 dollars that would have a nice vaction. or a nice present for a good friend.