Monday, January 12, 2009

Silence Is Not Always Golden

There was a little lady that I once knew. She was short, sassy, soft and sweet. She would tell me the most fascinating stories about her life. She was born in 1916, in a small town in North Carolina, her parents were share croppers. Her mother died when she was only 8 years young, she held her mother as she passed and unknowingly kissed her as her mother smiled like an angel while parting. She had only a third grade education, for after her mother made her transition she began working to help support her siblings. Soon all of her sisters and brothers were separated. At the tender age of 9 her life’s journey heightened. There was a story she told me once about her brother locking her in a chicken coop. The details are somewhat vague. I had always planned to share her stories with my children and I took for granted that she would have time to fill in the blanks. One day my Mother called me and told me that this little lady had a stroke. I rushed to the hospital and nurtured her as she had nurtured me as a child. When she went to the nursing home for recovery, I was by her side every evening, but she was not the same. As she struggled to give me simple instructions, I could feel her pain, I could see her fear and frustration… she could not speak, she could not write. I could only guess what she was telling me. I began to distance myself from the most important woman in my life, my Grandmother… I could not bear to see her or communicate with her in that way. How I wished we had some other way to converse. Perhaps sign language or Morse code. I prayed that she would develop her speech but it has been 4 years since she was silenced. She is not the same woman I knew. Perhaps there is something that she needed to discover deep within at this stage in her life. Perhaps she is speaking to me and I haven’t the audacity to pay her any attention. It is said that silence is golden; I’m sure it is in some instances but in this one, I’m waiting to strike it rich!

Don’t hesitate in life: speak what’s on your mind! Share your stories, share your love, you never know what tomorrow holds.

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Chy said...

Beautful Lesson . . . Make Every Moment Count!!! Make the time to sit down, sip some tea and listen to the stories of old from those that have amazing yet simple stories to tell. To each one reading these words, Learn the lesson and don't take a minute for granted in spite of anything that we may feel!!! God Bless the writer of these words and to those who receive the message! Much Love!