Friday, January 9, 2009


Do you fly and need a ride home after the plane has landed?

Which do you wait on your ride or have your ride wait on you?

I travel a lot and being the type of person I am I always try to be considerate of others. When I arrive at an airport, I find the nearest coffee shop grab a hot beverage and find a cozy or more times than not, a not so cozy seat then I sit, read and wait patiently for my ride to arrive.

But I find more and more that when I'm doing the pick up..People expect me there waiting at the curb as though I have a sticker on my car or better yet my forehead that reads "Officer I'm here for so-&-so", like that would deter him or her from telling me to keep it moving!

Now, while I don't mind waiting, I REFUSE to circle the airport 10 or 12 times while they are inside the airport, at a lost and found counter trying to find out why their bags didn't come down off the carousel as I ditch n dodge police!

Get a grip people...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

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