Thursday, January 15, 2009


or the lack there of
is definitely a relative term
as "beauty is n the eye of the beholder".

I’m usually the one that can find the best in anyone.
“They’re not ugly, just different,
unique perhaps but not ugly.”
But we’ve all seen that baby
in the stroller
that made us feel sorry
for the life they'd someday live…
being cast out or cast away
because of their looks, right?

And I know we've all
been hit on by “Bonnie” (male or female),
you know the person that -we feel- has the "audacity"
to “step to us”
when they KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt,
they'd have no chance
in hell
to ever even know our name!
Even with a few flaws,
because no one’s perfect ...
we do have standards.

Well as a member of every
social networking sight out there,
I've received friend requests
from some of best of the worst.

But there's one in particular that comes to mind…

His name is... Bonnie?

Yes, Bonnie!
He's sort of
a mix between
Whoopi Goldberg
(who isn't what I'd consider ugly,
and looks good on the photo above)
Dave Chappelle (on crack)
Flavor Flav
(I actually know a few people
that thinks he's comment)
What a combination!
With that being said...It's a wrap

Until next time...

*The views of this post do not necessarily reflect the views of the other half of FuzenSquared...tahehehe

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Hashim Conner said...

You are silly as hell, but at the same time absolutely correct! We have all been approached by the monster of all monsters at least once in a life time. LOL!!! I can only imagine what women go through because I see some guys approach women and I'm forced to think to myself. "What the hell is he thinking?" But hey you gotta give them some credit, they have the gaul to proceed.